The most beautiful smile, Hollywood Smile

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What is meant by “Hollywood Smile”? How is it obtained? Are there negatives and positives resulting from it? All this and more, you will learn about it through this article.

You may notice, in recent years, an increase in the general trend of dental attention more than ever, or even the tradition of celebrities regarding the Hollywood smile.

It has become one of the main concerns of individuals to have teeth that are precisely aligned and with bright white as Hollywood stars and celebrities. Hence, this service in dental clinics – as a result of the strong demand for improving the appearance of teeth – was called “Hollywood Smile”.

But what is a Hollywood smile, and how do we get it? Are there any damages associated with obtaining it?

What is a Hollywood smile?

Hollywood Smile
Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile is very thin veneers that are specially made for each person who requests them, and then they are placed on the front layer of the teeth with the aim of:

  • Improve its shape.
  • Permanently increase their whiteness.
  • Thus, improving the overall shape of the person, as these veneers work to change the properties of natural teeth from color, shape, size, and even length, In accordance with the shape of the patient’s jaws and mouth, these peels are usually made of “Porcelain” because it is a strong material capable of resisting stains, It also closely approximates the nature of teeth, so it is more appropriate to draw a smile that is more like a natural smile.

Why many resort to Hollywood smile?

And the resort to that smile may be mainly for cosmetic purposes, but of course, a Hollywood smile and these porcelain veneers can treat some of the problems of the most distressing dental problems for many of us, which are:

  • Changing the color of teeth that were stained with some stains due to many factors.
  • The presence of large fillings between the teeth for cosmetic purposes that may have lost their color and become different from the color of the adjacent teeth.
  • Teeth that have been cracked.
  • Teeth that are unequal in size and length, or that suffer from deviations, and their shape is inappropriate in relation to the rest of the teeth.
  • Teeth that contain spaces between them.

How do you get the smile of Hollywood celebrities?

holiwood smile
How do you get the smile of Hollywood celebrities?
The decision to install these ceramic veneers to obtain a Hollywood smile is followed by three cosmetic visits to the dentist who specializes in that, and they are as follows:
    • The first visit to the doctor is for the purpose of counseling.
    • The second visit is to take measurements and make the peels.
    • And then the third visit to the doctor is to install those veneers.

Preparation and installation steps:

The veneers do not necessarily have to be installed on all teeth by the jaws to obtain a Hollywood smile, the doctor may only install them on the front teeth, Or on teeth that suffer from problems – such as those mentioned previously – and the steps for obtaining a Hollywood smile are as follows:

1- Diagnosing the condition and then planning the treatment:

This step includes explaining the patient to the results he expects to his physician, The doctor also examines the teeth to ensure the suitability of the veneers for the patient, with an explanation of the mechanism that he will follow with the patient (case).

2- Preparations or supplies:

Preparing teeth for placing veneers on them includes removing 1/2 mm from the enamel surface of the tooth or the teeth to be treated, It is approximately the same thickness of the veneers that will be placed on the tooth.
Then the doctor makes a sample of the peels and sends them to the laboratory, this process may take from one to two weeks approximately.

3- Experience:

Before putting veneers permanently, the doctor will place them on the patient’s teeth to ensure that the color and size are appropriate, and the patient’s satisfaction with them. As he will be able to trim the veneers or modify them according to required if they are not suitable.

4- Finishing:

In the end, the doctor cleans the teeth well to install the ceramic veneers permanently, and by using a special adhesive that puts light waves to fix the veneers.
This and often the doctor asks the patient to return after several weeks to examine the gums and to make sure of the extent of the impact of new crusts, in addition to checking the stability of those crusts.

The positives of the Hollywood smile:

The installation of veneers to obtain a Hollywood smile for the patient guarantees the following advantages:

    • Getting a more beautiful shape with the availability of a natural view of the teeth, and more acceptable than ever before.

    • Porcelain veneers are resistant to stains of various types and thus retain their whiteness for a long period of time.

    • And also ceramic veneers help to get the most beautiful smile that the patient has always dreamed of while correcting some dental problems – mentioned in the article – easily, and away from pain.

The disadvantages of a Hollywood smile:

As for the disadvantages of a Hollywood smile, they are:

  • It is not possible in any way to remove the veneers after installing them and to return to the teeth in their natural form before installing them, because of the removal of the enamel layer from the teeth.

  • The high cost of veneers.

  • veneers are usually not repairable if they crack.
  • Teeth become more sensitive to cold or hot drinks and foods due to the removal of the enamel layer that protects the teeth and prevents them from being affected by the temperature of food and drink.
  • Be careful when choosing the appropriate color of veneers, because their color is not subject to change again after application.

It is appropriate for the person who puts the peels to avoid some habits, especially after installing them, so as not to fall out, such as:

  • Bite off the pens.
  • Nail-biting.
  • Cracking ice with teeth or any solid objects.
  • Open cans using teeth.

Important information about Hollywood smile:

Here is the most important information that you should consider before deciding to apply the veneers:

  • Veneers usually remain on the teeth for 5 to 10 years before they are replaced.

  • The veneers do not require any additional care, but you must continue to clean your teeth by the usual methods such as using brushing, flossing, and mouthwash.

  • The doctor may advise you to reduce the amount of food and drink that cause stains on the teeth, such as tea and coffee – despite the strong resistance to porcelain veneers – circulation of too much of it over time will inevitably affect the color of the veneers chosen during the installation.

my advice to you:

Based on the aforementioned, before you make the decision to apply the veneers to get a Hollywood smile, you should be aware of all the information involved on the subject, so talk to your doctor comfortably and ask him all the questions that occur to you.

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