Orthodontics:The most successful uses of lasers

The use of laser technology in dentistry

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In this article, we devote our talk about the role of laser radiation in orthodontics, to learn more about it, keep reading it well..

Laser technology:

One of the inventions that caused a great revolution in the last century is the invention of laser technology. Thanks to the factor “Einstein” who put the origins to the discovery of laser technology. After him, scientists continued what “Einstein” had started to bring the laser to the shape we see today.

The use of lasers technology in dentistry
The use of lasers technology in dentistry

The invention of laser technology led to a great revolution, as it has become used in many fields, whether medical, industrial, or even in the cosmetic world. One of the most important fields in which the laser was used is medical fields, so doctors use lasers in surgeries, diagnosing and treating many diseases, such as fragmentation of kidney stones, and many others.

In the world of dentistry in particular, doctors now use lasers to treat most cases of tooth injury, such as tooth decay, gum disease, teeth whitening, or swollen gums, the secret of the beauty of the smile is the beauty of the teeth, so if the teeth are beautiful and harmonious with each other, the smile is beautiful and attractive, but if the teeth are inconsistent and untidy, the smile is never beautiful.

What is Orthodontics?!

Orthodontic treatment: Is a treatment that moves or straightens the teeth to improve their appearance and functional performance, including the distribution of occlusion force over all teeth, thus maintaining dental health, and the gums, and jaw joints, as well as correcting crowded and crooked teeth not only beautifies their appearance, but also facilitates the process of cleaning them.

An image showing braces

Orthodontics also contribute to treating some breathing, chewing, and speaking problems, and it is worth saying that it may be an expensive treatment. Orthodontic treatment takes a long period of time, and the patient needs some time to get used to the presence of the orthodontic and to master how to take care of it.

The role of lasers in orthodontics:

Crooked teeth is often due to genetic causes in the family, or to a defect in the growth of the teeth since childhood, and many people suffer from the problem of curvature of the teeth, so much so, that this problem may cause frustration and tension in the affected person, especially girls, whose self-confidence decreases due to the crooked teeth, so many resort to modifying this warp in two ways, either the traditional method, or using laser technology.

Orthodontics in the traditional way is based on the use of plastic or stainless wires in order to tighten the teeth back, and press them, so that they get a consistency in their appearance, this type of orthodontic is characterized by the long time required for treatment, although a good result is obtained in most cases, but it takes a lot of time, add to that the majority of people feel shy to wear such wires and go out to work or school.

As for orthodontics using laser technology, the treating doctor sheds laser beams to the teeth, and the laser acts as a tool for cutting and melting the tissues that it passes through, most prefer to use laser because it is painless, so the doctor does not need to use local anesthesia, in addition to the fact that the laser treatment does not cause anxiety to the patient, as in the traditional etching tools used by the doctor.

The laser treats any infections or microbes it meets in the tooth, it preserves the healthy parts of the teeth, in addition to that, the laser will not cause bleeding in the teeth as it does using traditional etching tools.

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